Board of Directors Volunteer Opportunity

The Community Foundation of Mississauga is seeking exceptional members of our community to join our Board of Directors.  

The Community Foundation of Mississauga:

Established in 2001, the Community Foundation of Mississauga (CFM) is a grant-making public registered charity focused on ensuring a good quality of life for the residents of Mississauga.  We build community vitality now and for future generations by encouraging endowment building and facilitating philanthropic partnerships across Mississauga.  The Foundation is part of a national network, the Community Foundations of Canada, whose 190 foundations make an impact at the local level. 

At the Community Foundation, we play three key roles: 

Endowment Building: We work with donors as community builders, by matching their philanthropic interests with community needs.  Gifts made today establish endowments that support registered charities in perpetuity. 

Grant Making: Grants are made to agencies whose work impacts our community in real and tangible ways and contributes to a good quality of life.  We are a 360-degree granter - from shelter and sustenance to health and education, from arts and culture to preserving heritage and the environment, grant monies are put into action by worthy charities that contribute to making Mississauga a vital and thriving community.   

Community Convening: We bring the community together to share knowledge that strengthens philanthropy and better responds to the changing needs of our city.  Our Vital Signs publication explores 13 key indicators on the health of our community, and our Vital Conversations provide the opportunity for community experts to share information on trends, issues and potential solutions on critical topics that are of concern to our community. 

Vision and Mission

Our Vision:  A strong, vital community that has the resources it needs to ensure quality of life for everyone.

Our Mission: To create sustainable support for community needs in Mississauga by building partnerships with donors and stakeholders who establish endowed and other related funds, to maximize our community impact by ensuring that we identify and understand community needs, and to invest in solutions.

Commitment and Expectations of Board Members:

  • As a member of our Board of Directors, you will live or work in Mississauga.
  • Sit on at least one Standing Committee
  • Participate in a CFM Volunteer Orientation session.
  • Attend regularly scheduled Board meetings in person or via remote technology.
  • The Board meets 8 times per year, and Committee times are between 1 -2 hours per month
  • Attend 2 – 3 CFM Special Events (Speaker’s Event, Dancing with Mississauga Stars Gala, Fore Community Golf Tournament) and represent CFM in the community.
  • Take an active role in advancing the Community Foundation’s mission and impact
  • Possess the ability to consider issues beyond their individual community, personal and professional interests to impact charitable needs and opportunities
  • Will work to encourage philanthropy in our community
  • In addition, Board Members are required to make a financial donation to CFM, with the intention of informing our community that 100% of our Directors support the work of the Foundation financially.
  • Must meet CRA eligibility criteria for Board Membership
  • Finally, Board Members are encouraged but not required to play a role in introducing potential prospective donors and partners to the CFM and its President. 

Standing Committees of the Board:  

Our Foundation is supported by six standing committees of the Board.  Board Directors sit on at least one of these committees:

Community Leadership | Corporate Partnership & Events | Endowment | Finance & Audit | Granting | Investment

What You Can Expect From the Community Foundation:

  • We will make effective use of your time
  • Board agendas are sent out in advance of meetings
  • Annual calendar of events
  • Zoom technology for Board Meetings as appropriate
  • Board Members are recognized board members in our annual report, profiled in newsletters and social media and at special events
  • The Board of Directors features the participation of the President & CEO and each standing committee is supported by our professional team members.

Our present recruitment focus is on those with legal and business expertise as well as leaders in our community. 

Please send your expression of interest to the Board of Directors in the form of a letter and recent CV, or for more information on this Board of Directors Opportunity:

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: Community Foundation of Mississauga, 1100 Central Parkway West, Suite 15,Lower Level, Mississauga, ON L5C 4E5